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Many people want to lose weight for the health benefits and the desire to feel more confident in their bodies. However, most people don’t know where to start when it comes to weight loss and can benefit from the guidance of a physician such as Michael Jones, MD, at Apex Health & Body Sculpting in New Orleans. With a plan consisting of weight-loss medicine, a healthy diet, and a rigorous workout strategy, you can cut the weight and keep it off. To learn more about weight loss and get a personalized treatment plan, call or schedule an appointment online at Apex Health & Body Sculpting today.

Weight Loss Q & A

Do I need to lose weight?

Obesity is classified as an epidemic in the United States — almost one-third of American adults are obese, and many more are overweight. While losing weight is ultimately a personal choice, it is a good idea to lose weight if your doctor has told you that you are overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. These conditions come with a variety of health issues and risks, and losing weight can add years back to your life.

What are the benefits of weight loss?

Losing weight has benefits for your mental and physical health, including:

  • Easier movement
  • Less stress on your bones
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreased risk of diabetes
  • Decreased joint and back pain
  • Less risk of stroke
  • Less risk of heart disease

In addition, you may feel better about yourself and prefer your appearance after losing weight. While weight loss involves a lot of hard work and commitment, it is certainly worth it to live a longer, more enjoyable life.

What will my weight-loss plan look like?

After an initial consultation during which Dr. Michael Jones assesses your medical history and lifestyle, he creates a weight-loss plan that is personalized to you. Your plan will involve several components, including:

  • A specialized diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Weight-loss medications
  • Vitamins and supplements

For the best results, you need to have realistic expectations for your weight-loss journey. You’ll also need to follow all of Dr. Jones’ instructions closely and come back for regular checkups so he can monitor your progress. If you are obese and haven’t had success with diet and exercise, Dr. Jones may recommend weight-loss surgery.

Are weight-loss plans safe?

With so many weight loss scams and dangerous weight-loss diets available, it’s understandable to be cautious when exploring your options for losing weight. With the help of a trained physician like Dr. Jones, personalized weight-loss plans are completely safe and more effective than any unproven, general diet plan or questionable product. Weight-loss plans that are supervised by a doctor aim to make you change your habits and mindset so that you can keep the weight off after losing it.

If you’re uncomfortable at your current weight and want to start feeling better and living a healthy life, call or schedule an appointment online at Apex Health & Body Sculpting today.